Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Music Fest 2011

Grey Wolf Campground (home of the infamous Devil’s Triangle Motorcycle Rally) hosted a music festival the last weekend in July. I only found out about it the week before. It wasn’t a bike rally, but I like good music, and I like Odie & Starr, and I wanted to show my support, so I decided ride out for a few hours on Saturday.

The sun was shining when I left Knoxville, but by the time I arrived I was riding through a light but steady rainfall. Many of the campers and some of the bands had already packed up and moved out, but a few diehards were still braving the rain and mud.

As soon as I got off my Bonnie I heard someone call out, “Hey preacher!” I turned to see one of the regulars at Grey Wolf riding up on a four-wheeler. “Are you going to do a service for us in the morning?” I hadn’t planned on it but, “Sure. If ya‘ll want me too.” As I strolled along the line of tents I got the same question from others. It’s good to be wanted and welcome. I was glad I came.

“You should have been here yesterday. The weather was great and we had a lot of great bands on stage.” I wish I had been. The rain was causing problems with the lights and electronics and the stage was silent, but the rain stopped about 9:30 PM and by 10:00 PM the bands were getting ready to rock. The first band up was a Heavy Metal group. I hung around a while longer, but I hadn’t planned on camping, so I saddled up and headed for home.

On Sunday morning the sun came out. I arrived back at Grey Wolf around 9:30 AM. I’ve been coming to Grey Wolf for a few years now, and it’s become a kind of tradition at the Bike Rallies that I take the stage on Sunday morning to offer a hymn and a prayer to close out the event. Keep in mind that this is not a “church group.” Many I’m sure were hung over, and some were still drinking, but as I sang a small group of folks moved towards the stage, and as I prayed I looked out to see that some folks had their heads bowed; not all mind you, but some. As I left the stage and walked among the campsites I received many hand shakes, thanks, and words of appreciation.

What a privilege it is to wear the CMA patch! It identifies us as men and women of God, but at the same time it opens doors that might otherwise be closed to “church people.” It allows us to go to places like Grey Wolf Campground and mix with folks who ordinarily may not want to be caught dead in a Church building, but because of the patch, and the love in our hearts, we are often welcomed. I wonder how long it’s been since some of these folks listened to someone sing about the “Amazing Grace” of God, or how long it’s been since they allowed someone to pray for them. I wonder how long it will be before the next person shows them the Love of Jesus.

What a responsibility it is to wear the CMA patch! Who will go to these places and seek out these people if not us? Who will pray for them if not us? Who will share the Grace of God through a simple hymn if not us? The next event at Grey Wolf is the Devil’s Triangle Bike Rally, Sept 16-17-18 2011. Are you up to it? If not you, then who?

You can learn more about Grey Wolf Campground, the Summer Music Fest, and the CMA at:

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I'm back on high speed internet. I could not log into blogger for a while, but I've got it fixed now.

I hope to report soon that another container has left our 'bodega' for Guatemala, but it will be a few weeks yet. I still have a lot of space to fill.

Pray for me.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dial-Up Blues

Can't connect to Wi-Fi, can't find the reason why, so I got them dirty
rotten low-down back on dial-up blues.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

On Feb. 24 we shipped Vine container #116. It pulled away from our dock at 3:PM on it's way to the Gulf. It arrived at our "bodega" in Guatemala the second week of March.

My thanks to all who support Vine International. You make this ministry possible.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shipping News

Our October shipment (VC-106)of medical supplies has cleared customs in Guatemala and is on it's way to our 'bodega'. We still have a container of prenatal vitamins in port that is awaiting clearance.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Our next shipping date is up in the air right now.  It may be this Thursday or it may be next week.
It's not my fault [this time].  There's a new customs agent at Puerto Barrios that doesn't seem to like us.  After dealing with a mountain of red tape, our last two containers took way too long to clear customs, which resulted in extra Container Demurrage fees.  We're going to try importing our next container through another port, which means canceling our Dole container & using another carrier.  Freight charges will be more, but the extra cost will be offset if we don't have to pay a lot of demurrage.
Please pray for a container of wheelchairs for Joni & Friends that arrived at Puerto Barrios last week, that customs will release it much faster than the last two & with far less red tape.

Bruce White
Vine International, P.O. Box 52086, Knoxville TN 37950